"Toyland Volume 2" New RELEASE for Christmas 2017!!!

Toyland Volume 2


"Toyland Volume 2" continues the tradition of taking well known Christmas music and making it new. The familiar melodies are present, along with some interesting and pleasing variations.
"Toyland Volume 2" is all instrumental, all acoustic, and all recorded in real-time.
Doc Ventura plays both 6 and 12 string guitar.

Available on iTunes, CDBaby, Google Music, Amazon and many other download services.

Mystifying Oracle Goodbye

"Mystifying Oracle Goodbye" carries on from "Box of Kenosis" with moody, tuneful, blues guitar pieces. 

The album features 15 new original songs performed on an assortment of funky guitars. 

Available on iTunes, CDBaby, Google Music, Amazon and many other download services.

Box of Kenosis

"Box of Kenosis" is the ultimate three-o-clock in the morning album. Solo guitar, no vocals, buckets of reverb and a vague longing. Whew. 

I been there.

Available as a CD or download from iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby and other services


Toyland Volume 1

Available on iTunes, CDBaby, Google Music, Amazon and many other download services.

Doc Ventura plays the Blues. And some Jazz. Also, some Psuedo-Rock-n-Roll, American Primitive, straight ahead Fingerstyle, even Trailer-Park Bebop.

Go figure.

Alas, the walls between these are getting thinner and thinner all the time.  Mr. Ventura is not sure how to describe his music exactly. Not a rare condition for an indie artist for sure. 

Let's just say he has connections. 

Doc Ventura has three CD's "Mystifying Oracle Goodbye", "Box of Kenosis" and "Toyland" available on iTunes and at Amazon and others... 

"Mystifying Oracle Goodbye" has a lot of slide playing. There are some bluesier things this time, but more moody solo pieces too. Yet, somehow it is not a mess. It's best at a low volume around midnight,

"Box of Kenosis" is for 3:00 AM when you are pondering, plummeting or planning. Whatever you are doing you know that dreamlike period when all of these activities tend to run together. More slide, more solo pieces. There's one "Villians and Thieves" which I must have seen in an old James Bond film that was never made. There are even a couple of pretty ones.

"Toyland" is a Christmas album and is chock full of pretty stuff. It has been a pleasure to receive yearly nice-things-said, which was part of the reason for a Holiday album anyway. 

"Toyland Volume 2" carries on from the original release. This time there are more well known old pop songs such as "Silver Bells" to help turn on the Christmas machine. All solo, all acoustic, instrumental music recorded in realtime with no edits.

It is a pleasure to have an opportunity to share my music with you. Thanks for listening. 

Doc Ventura   2017