Doc Ventura is a busy performer. He sings and plays his Blues, Roots and Americana music at concerts, festivals, breweries, wineries, bars and restaurants throughout Southern California.


Before you ask, Doc is not a doctor. 

Doc is named in honor of the great guitar player "Doc Watson". He absorbed a steady stream of fingerstyle guitar greats while he was
learning such as Watson, Leo Kottke and Martin Simpson.

He was lured into the Blues from an early age...Chicago, Delta, Kansas City and beyond.  Up down, fast or slow he collects them all.

He was born in Mississippi and raised on the South Side of Chicago...saw and met Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, B.B. King and many others back in the day. He can tell you stories.

He cover these immortals. Sometimes he'll play something more modern and obscure...his own music, or guys like T-Model Ford, Sleepy John Estes, and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

If it's got some soul he'll take a crack at it...and provide a little blues history to top it off.

Now Playing
Doc Ventura plays Blues: Mississippi, Chicago, Kansas City whatever you want. Muddy, Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Elmore James, shuffle, swing and boogie...

Doc also adapts to play all styles of country, modern rock, or classic rock such as Tom Petty, Neil Young, Jackson Brown....even AC/DC! He has a list numbering well over 400 songs.

He doesn't do the same thing every time.  Improvisation and spontaneity are a large part of his appeal.


Find videos on the Doc Ventura Youtube Channel for a quick sample of primarily cover material.

Doc also writes original songs in the style of the classics. He has released four CD's on Aurora Pacific Records.

He has released two all acoustic Christmas records "Toyland" and "Toyland 2". He hosts a live Christmas show at Namba Performing Arts in downtown Ventura called "Holiday Blues: Doc the Halls with Doc Ventura" every year.

His music has been featured on radio WXRT in Chicago, San Francisco Arts Radio, Red Light District Radio, No Cover Podcast and numerous other independent shows.  

Contact (docventura dot booking) at gmail